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Posted by James Wong on 2016-07-06 14:28:00
Title: Struggling with marketing
Category: Marketing

Trying to find a marketing solution. I am having a difficult time with marketing my business. I made a mistake this year by investing into NewAds where I thought I would get a good ROI, however, it turned out to not work at all. I need help in terms of marketing strategy, implementation, measuring ROI. Where can I go for these services at a cost-effective price?


2016-07-22 14:00:00

Hi James,

It’s great to hear that you are interested in investing in marketing. We also think you’re on the right track of developing a marketing strategy before you begin implementing marketing tactics. A strong strategy will ensure that your time and money are properly invested, and that your marketing initiative achieves your business objectives. We’ll be the first to tell you, a strong marketing strategy is a crucial step to take in developing your business.

While marketing can be expensive, it’s definitely a smart investment, depending on who you trust with it. Choosing a marketing firm should be no different than hiring an employee.  You should interview the team working on your business, look at their portfolio and check their references. This is because a good marketing agency should feel like part of your team. They should help achieve your goals as a business owner and entrepreneur. 

At the outset, make sure their is a mutual understanding of your vision for the company, your business’s goals, and the scope of work. This will prevent issues down the road. 

Also, make sure you have a clear understanding of their process and work flow - if you choose the right firm, you should be included in every step along the way.

We also recommend you seek a “full service marketing and communications firm.” These agencies not only have the ability to develop strategies, brand guidelines and marketing communications plans, but also build the communications products, like print and digital ads, and buy the media (print and digital space).  They often also have in-house digital and social media teams.  This is important for entrepreneurs, because full-service agencies can deliver comprehensive and coordinated campaigns, which will achieve cost and time efficiencies for you. 

Hope this helps!