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Posted by Bo Penny on 2013-11-08 18:38:58
Title: We're a very small family owned business and we want to increase our on-line sales. Can anyone recom...
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We're a very small family owned business and we want to increase our on-line sales. Can anyone recommend an affordable marketing / digital expert?


Karen Schulman Dupuis
2013-11-13 17:27:29

Hi Bo,

It's a difficult task in finding reliable, resourceful professionals that can help you move your business forward, keeping in mind the budget constraints you're likely dealing with. The first thing I would do is ask other professionals in your region; personal recommendations often work out great, because you've already got the trust factor built into established relationships.

Your second option would be to connect to your local Business Development Centre. By looking at your website, and seeing that you're in Guelph, you could try (or the South Georgian Bay Small Business Enterprise Centre, and check out the Business Directory of service providers. Often, those associated with local Business Centres have a proven track record working with other clients, so sourcing feedback and recommendations would be fairly easy. Further, the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs has plenty of resources and offices where you'd be able to get some of the help that you need (

Another option for you is to try out some great Canadian-born resources like or yourself. These online platforms are specifically geared towards small and independent business owners, and they provide you a platform to improve your web presence, and capitalize on easy payment systems that are integrated into their platforms.

Best of luck!
Karen Schulman Dupuis, Manager, Digital Communications
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Bo Penny
2013-11-19 10:39:46
Followup question:
Thanks so much for these great tips :-)