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Posted by Randy Zeitman on 2014-10-29 11:26:00
Title: What are the best ways to market a tennis club to tennis players who have never joined a tennis club...
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What are the best ways to market a tennis club to tennis players who have never joined a tennis club? • We're willing to market both on and off-line. • This is a long-established club that has recently switched from private to semi-private. Membership is yearly only (no per-hour rentals) and there are single, family, and senior rates. • Ideal member is 40, male, with teen children


Fix My Biz
2014-10-31 11:39:00

Hi Randy,

Thanks for your question about marketing a tennis club. 

We always tell our clients to go where their customers are. Where would you find tennis players who dont belong to tennis clubs?  Our local parks boast public courts that are packed all summer long.  Finding ways to promote the club in parks could be a truly grassroots strategy.  Be creative – plant a tennis pro at the courts to give tips, hand out branded balls or other swag, and generally get to know the players.

Tennis players also need tennis gear.  Think about all the sports stores and specialty tennis merchants near the club and forge relationships with store owners.  There may be merit in some co-marketing activities, and at the least, you can distribute your marketing collateral. 

Consider Facebook advertising as well since it allows you to be extremely specific geographically and demographically in terms of who will see the ads.  You can also set a daily budget so you’ll have lots of control over the program.

Finally, the teenage children you mention may be a good way in as well.  Can you promote clinics and events to attract teens in the area?  While the kids won’t have the dollars, they do exert a certain influence in the house.

Were curious about why the club has recently changed its business model.  For example, if youre targeting casual players who havent already committed to a club, there might be merit in offering a more flexible membership structure or trial memberships for the early months. If you were to cater to these new clients with more flexible options youve got an opportunity to convert them to full-time members - but you need to get them in door first.

Good luck!

Amy Ballon & Danielle Botterell

Randy Zeitman
2014-10-31 12:18:21
Followup question:
Wonderful answer. Thank you.