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Posted by Adriana on 2014-01-29 17:58:39
Title: What I should do in order to bring a well known European franchise into Canada? ...
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What I should do in order to bring a well known European franchise into Canada?


Craig Farrow
2014-02-07 16:52:43

Hi Adriana,

You may want to consider getting legal advice from a specialist as these types of businesses are typically well structured and defined.

That being said, like one would investigate any other opportunity, I would approach the corporate offices and ask for the individual responsible for the franchisees and simply have a preliminary discussion about this possibility.

It could be that they have, as part of their overall business model, a clear intention to scale to other geographies and are looking for interested parties. Sometimes they will remain focused on domestic markets and only when there is interest from outside markets as indicated by individuals from said territories approaching them, will they evaluate and potentially act on that opportunity.

One of the keys I think is in play is the same as many other items like the first adopter or in this case, get your person, qualifications and interest in front of the Sr. Management and enter into a dialogue where you can be positioned as a candidate for a territory/franchise. Often being there first is one of the key steps in positioning yourself in an optimum position in this type of process.

This type of upfront approach also pays dividends in that you can determine if your interest is capable of getting traction or not. If they clearly indicate that scale to your territory is just timing, then find out how you can make yourself part of that process. On the other hand, if they never intend to expand to your geography, then it also suggests an option to you in mirroring a concept in Canada which you think would be successful and build out your own enterprise accordingly.

These are very basic and easily facilitated activities which cost nothing, but time, but it can bring clarity and polarize your position with regard to this matter and in doing so, make your next steps very easy to discern.

All the best.
Craig Farrow, Managing Partner, Kinetex

2014-02-20 18:07:34
Followup question:
Hi Craig Thank you very much for your answer. I have hard time in positioning myself in an optimum position. The management did not answer at my messages. Thank you Adriana

John Panigas
2014-02-21 20:39:13
Followup question:
Adriana, I have had great deal of experience with franchises and would be pleased to help if you wish. John Panigas