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Posted by Jenn Triggs on 2014-01-03 22:35:50
Title: Whats the best way to prepare and approach creating press releases? I am looking to try and generate...
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Whats the best way to prepare and approach creating press releases? I am looking to try and generate more press around my products however I am struggling on how to approach this or where to start. Any advice would be appreciated.


Debra Goldblatt-Sadowski
2014-01-17 09:11:42

Hi Jenn,

A press release should always speak to something newsworthy. Newsworthy means something new, exciting, different or interesting – a new location, product launch, significant new hire (like a new CEO or chef), an event, etc. Media receive A LOT of releases, so it’s key to be to concise – aim to stick to one page, while including key details of your news. Following the formula of ‘who, what, when, where and why’ is a good rule. State all of these key facts within the first paragraph, in case they don’t read the whole press release. Use minimal adjectives and avoid flowery language – let media create the story, while you give them the facts to do so. Don’t include large attachments or photos. If media want them, they will request them. You can embed a photo of a product, just ensure it isn’t too big (less than 1MB). If you don’t have something particularly new and exciting to announce, a press release might not be your best route in generating editorial coverage. You can always reach out to specific media and pitch directly via email (preferred method of contact for most journalists and producers).

A lot of the time, media won’t cover just your product, as it can come off as advertorial (i.e.: paid for the placement). So, create deeper stories that their readers/viewers would be interested in. For example, if you have a product that helps people clean their home, you could pitch a story on tips to save time (include your product and some other ideas that don’t compete with your product). A lot of blogs will do product reviews, which are great for straight product coverage, but you will have to gift your product in some circumstances. Be sure to be sincere and most importantly, make sure you know what area a media member covers before you pitch them. Nothing will kill your news as fast as sending a pitch about a cleaning product to a journalist that covers hard news.

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