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Posted by Christina Ageljic on 2017-03-06 16:28:00
Title: Where To Start?
Category: Leadership

I am a dreamer but would like to make it a reality. I would like to write a motivational Book but dont know where to start? Can any one recommend where to start?


Natalie MacNeil
2017-04-04 11:34:00

You have to start with your goal. Do you want to self publish this, or do you want a publisher? Those are very different routes as an author. No matter what path you choose, it starts with how you want to serve your audience. Outline the book, and what makes it different. Also, no matter what route you choose to take, you will need to have an audience that is excited for this book. I did that through blogging, getting featured on media outlets, creating videos, and providing a lot of value to the audience Ive built at I consistently provided value and built an audience for years before getting a publishing deal. So examine your goals, outline the book, establish who the book will serve and start serving those people today, and consistently release content related to the book so that you can successfully get it out into the world.