3 Tips to Attract (and keep!) Your Ideal Customers

3 Tips to Attract (and keep!) Your Ideal Customers

Community User Blog | Posted by Kim Sarrasin - November 8, 2013 at 6:35 pm

In dating, the 'exclusive' stage would be the point when you’ve decided you’re not going to date anyone else. For a customer, this is when they are now on your database and they love your message, the way you deliver it and they may have purchased a smaller priced product – inching towards purchasing another or higher priced service, product or program.

People in my community have often shared I’m the only source they use for all their dating/relationship needs – it’s a huge compliment! It’s a sign I’m on track, speaking their language and offering them exactly what they need – we’re going steady  :lol:

I often see 2 ways entrepreneurs get stuck with this:

1) Limited price levels: Really HIGH, and really LOW – with nothing in between.

2) Not staying in tune to the changing needs of customers

I was in this place for a long time. My first “product” was Private Coaching, which came out of the need for students graduating from my Soulmate Attraction Seminars to receive deeper healing with me. So, I had my lower priced seminar and then the only next level was my Private Coaching, which was a big leap in investment.

This worked great for a while. However, as my own business grew and time passed, my clients wanted more and I dramatically increased the size of my community. When you have a larger community, you also have more people with different budget levels.

And, their needs were changing as their lives changed. Clients still needed help in their love life, but they also wanted help with their businesses and money. While there are plenty of other coaches out there who teach this, my clients wanted this only from me.

Something REALLY important to know: Think of yourself as a special mix of spice, and only certain people (ideal clients) can receive what you have and the unique way you offer it. In this sense, there really is no competition out there. Your ideal clients can’t “digest” anyone else’s way of doing it. They want YOUR energy.

If I were to ignore this fact in my business, I would be missing a huge opportunity. Both limiting my income and not being in the highest service to those who want more of my energy. My clients enjoyed being a part of the Queen of Hearts community and I wanted to find a way to extend the time they could stay with me and get their needs met.

I accomplished this by expanded my services and created programs, materials and products with varying price ranges to appeal to more people and address the needs of those who had shifted from focusing on their love lives to other areas of their life.

Here’s 3 simple tips to get you started:

1) Be conscious of what you need as your own business grows. Chances are, what YOU need is something your current clients will also need later. As you keep track of what you’re doing next in your own business, new ideas for services will often present themselves.

2) Pay close attention to what clients ask about. For those who have been with you for a while, their needs will change as they grow. Stay tuned in to what they’re frustrated about in other areas of their life and design a new way/service/program to support that specific issue.

3) Don’t RE-invent the wheel – RE purpose the wheel! For example, look at all you’re past articles and blog posts – group one’s with a similar theme and, PRESTO, you’ve got an instant e-book/ audio series. I created 100 articles, a book, 3 cd set, 6 part teleseries and 3 keynote talks – all from ONE seminar. The possibilities are endless!