Are Entrepreneurs Lonely?

Are Entrepreneurs Lonely?

Community User Blog | Posted by Tracey Sheinin - January 5, 2013 at 5:22 am

On the serious side we all have complimenting people who surround us. Sometimes I find it's hard to get them on board. It can be difficult enough just motivating ourselves as entrepreneurs without spending all our time defending our hopes and dreams to other people. Feeling so excited about what you have accomplished that day and knowing that sometimes, but not all the time, it's falling on deaf ears. Let's make it our mission this year to learn how to get those naysayers on board.

Knowing it's a proven fact, entrepreneurs can be some of the loneliest people on earth. You have this wonderful vision of where you're going, discovering how to get there in the midst of running your daily life. Laboring for hours over a problem ever knowing someone out there can help you, if only they'd believe!

Our past, we all have one, some good, some bad, but we all have one, is where a lot of negative feedback comes from. So many people are out there discovering amazing things who up until that very day were just like anybody else. So forget your past. It can be a wonderful thing, it can propel you forward or equally tie you in knots.

A lot of times we are responsible because we don't share enough. We are busy in our own thoughts driven by our own destinies that we may not give equal time for theirs. So today I challenge all of you to share what excites you with someone special. It doesn't hurt to throw a problem your having into that conversation, because let's face it, two heads are better than one! Share your stories - do you feel alone or is someone there to support and help you?

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Kathy Archer Leadership Coach
January 8, 2013 at 7:22 pm

Tracey, you raise a good point.  One thing I notice is that even when people ask how I am doing, I'm afraid to say the truth.  Rather than saying, I'm a bit lonely, I have a tendency to use the standard response "Oh I'm busy".  While that's true, what is also true is that sometimes I am lonely.  

Lonely though in that I love to talk about what I am learning, how I am doing things and what's new on my plate as an entrepreneur  Not everyone wants to hear my stories.  It's good to have this venue to share more about the business side of things!

I am also fortunate to have a husband who encourages me and loves to listen to me at the end of my day ramble about my successes and challenge.

Thanks for asking!

Tracey Sheinin
January 8, 2013 at 11:02 pm

Great to hear from you Kathy. Your comment about not everyone wanting to hear your stories is so true. Unfortunately we find it hard as entrepreneurs to share what excites us and disappoints us. Thank you for sharing now. Have a great day!