Are you controlling your brands reputation online?

Are you controlling your brands reputation online?

Community User Blog | Posted by Jesse Hutchinson - December 16, 2012 at 11:19 pm

Social media is a great tool for building your brand and getting new customers. If you have an established social media presence on networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or any kind of Blog, this can be an vital asset to any entrepreneur and business, but it can also be a fatal liability if it is not controlled properly.

I’m sure at some point or another you have heard the saying “you can’t please everyone.” Well, this will always be very true when it comes to customer service and marketing, whether virtual or not. Some people will absolutely love what you do, while others will want to tear it apart. The key thing here is that you need to be aware of what is occurring on all of your social media profiles at all times, and make sure you respond to all inquiries in a timely manner. If a potential or current customer is asking you about a promotion on your Facebook page, make sure you answer the question. If one of your Twitter followers is tweeting about how much they love your new product, retweet and reply! Whenever someone is on your Facebook, Twitter, or even LinkedIn profiles, they are entering a virtual store. These customers (and again – future customers) should be attended to as if they are having a sales rep face-to-face interaction. All of your fans, followers, and customers will appreciate the connection, and in turn, the chances that they will promote your brand to others will increase.

But comments, questions, and posts won’t always be positive. There are always those customers you can’t please no matter what you do. If a problem is brought up publicly, do whatever you can to address the problem publicly. Don’t simply delete the comment and expect it to go away. Remember that there are many websites available for them to review you online, in which case you can’t delete those comments. If the situation gets a little too dicey to be public, try a direct message or giving them a phone number or email to contact. Offer them a refund, free product, discount off next order, whatever it takes. Keeping the negative comments to a minimum and engaging with your fans, followers, and customers on the positive comments should be a part of your online brand presence management.

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