Choose the Right Training

Choose the Right Training

Community User Blog | Posted by Wendy McClelland - February 24, 2014 at 11:15 pm

There are so many training options available for people today. Every day you probably get emails and see online ads promoting various types of training programs. But HOW to decide if one or any of them are the right fit for you?

Just like you I get dozens of opportunities for learning each week. How do I decide which are worth my time, energy and money?

Below are the steps I take to decide if a training program is right for me. They might be helpful for you too:

1. First watch the video or webinar advertising it – do you like the style of the presenter? Do they feel genuine? Does what they’re saying sound like it’s geared SPECIFICALLY to YOUR business?

2. Then take a look at the presenter’s website, Facebook page and other social media. Do their posts give you valuable information? Are their blog posts interesting and informative?

3. Then I suggest you review the list of what I’ll learn – do you already know most of this from other seminars you’ve taken? Or will you learn something new that you can readily apply to your business?

4. Do you have time to do the work required AFTER the workshop or do you still have other marketing activities that are not done yet?

While continual learning is critical to business success, don’t get overwhelmed by all the options. Choose the learning opportunities you truly feel will best benefit you. I try to focus on ONE topic each month – this way I can really learn deeply and have time to apply what I learn.

Now go learn something!