Getting Off Your But’s!

Getting Off Your But’s!

Community User Blog | Posted by Pat Mussieux - October 17, 2014 at 4:42 am

How many times have you committed to something and then backed out? In my opinion, this ‘habit’ is becoming an epidemic.

I see it happening all the time – one lame excuse after another – and people ‘bail’ on what they said they would do, be where they said they would be and do what they said they would do.  The sad thing about all of this is that, as a human race, many of us have come to accept this behavior. What’s up with that?

My mentor, Lou Tice, always said that meaningful and lasting change always starts on the inside – with the way we think. I’ve been preparing for my annual 3-day business conference that I host in Toronto and, honestly, there have been times when I just wanted to throw my hands in the air and say …….enough, already! People register – and then they cancel. Payments decline. Cheques bounce. And on it goes.

Had I not taken to heart the many teachings of Lou Tice – and have firmly planted in my brain the WHY for this event, it would be very easy for me to back out too. But that’s not how I’m wired and that’s not how I run my business, or live my life. I want to give you a few simple steps that work for me in those moments of terror and fatigue (because, typically, that’s all it is). These steps will help you live your best life and grow a profitable business too.

My 5 steps to following through on a commitment and getting off the ‘ya-but’ roller coaster:

  1. I have a very clear understanding, and commitment, to my WHY. I write it out – I keep it posted in front of my face – and I hold myself accountable to following through.
  1. I enlist the support of an Accountability Buddy! I’ve had a few over the past many months in preparation for this annual business conference – and, in those moments, when it all feels like ‘too much’, I check in – which I do on a daily basis anyway.
  1. I take regular breaks so I can refresh and recharge. Large projects take a lot of energy, focus, time, money, resources, etc. – it’s critical to schedule and include some breaks in there – for me, I always take Sundays off.
  1. Include some fun along the way. Stop being so serious. The work I do – and that many of us do – is not life or death. Will some things go wrong? Yes – for sure. Get over it and move on. Have fun! Life is short.
  1. When the time comes and you’ve done all you can do – then give it up. That’s all – just give it up. Know you’ve done your best.

One of the real keys to success when it comes to getting past your ya-buts is to take a really good look at what you are committing to in the first place. When your heart and head say no, then pay attention! When you are not FULL IN, it becomes easy to look for the ya-but reasons for bailing. Don’t be that person!

You’ll be a much happier and more successful person because of that mindset!