MagnusMode - Inspiring Story of a Young Entrepreneur Motivated by her Brother

MagnusMode - Inspiring Story of a Young Entrepreneur Motivated by her Brother

Community User Blog | Posted by Mark Burdon - June 24, 2013 at 8:42 pm

There are many young people across Canada and around the world for whom many of life’s most basic tasks are challenges greater than what most of us can grasp.

Many children born and growing up within the Autism spectrum, as well as when they become young adults and beyond find tasks like getting dressed, going to school, and interacting with their classmates a challenge. Only someone that has a loved one with Autism or other neurological/development challenges can comprehend the struggles of what are for most often routine daily activities that we take for granted.


Meet Nadia Hamilton, an intelligent, vibrant, caring young woman that has spent years dedicated to advocating and caring for her brother Troy who lives with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Nadia has been certified in Applied Behaviour Analysis from the Geneva Centre for Autism, and has given generously of her time and energy to causes like Youth Mentorship, the Habitat for Humanity, and of course Autism.


In co-operation with Centennial College, Nadia has been developing a Web and Smartphone (iPhone and Android) app called Magnusmode. This app is currently entering beta testing, however was featured at the recent Ontario Centres of Excellence Discovery Conference. It is an app that helps Autistic children and young adults with learning life skills.


Matt Green, Arts and Entertainment Journalist puts it best in his blog which is captured here:


“There is a fun and interactive app making waves, and it is coming to our electronic devices.


It is called Magnusmode which is a life skills learning game catered to individuals with autism as well as other developmental disabilities.


The app was created by Nadia Hamilton who is an entrepreneur from Toronto, Ontario. One of the reasons behind creating the app is because she has a brother who has autism.


“My own brother is mostly non-verbal; he’ll tell us what he wants, but he won’t necessarily say how he’s feeling. Only he really knows how he’s feeling.” Hamilton also says that the experts in the field of autism are the people that have it.


Hamilton gives a brief overview of the upcoming app.


“It’s a web, and smartphone application for Apple, and Android, and basically, it’s a life skills support tool designed to engage the participant which is an individual with autism or another developmental disability in the active learning, and participation process.”


The app will help people with special needs to participate fully in all aspects of society.


“It’s basically a card collection game, and support tool, so the actual cards are the means through which the support is delivered.”


Recently at Centennial College, Hamilton hosted a trial for the Magnusmode app where people could test it and see what it’s like.


“The response was, I find it was very incredible. The parents were just outpouring their support, and I thought it was really encouraging on one hand to know that I was on the right track, and on the second hand to know that they thought it was something that can help their child.”


Magnusmode is partnered with Centennial College, and recently partnered with Autism Ontario.


For more information, visit or check out”


Often innovative products and services are born/invented out of an interest in profit, efficiency or cutting costs. In the case of Magnusmode, you can tell by talking to Nadia that the love of her brother and helping others with Autism and their families is the main motivation. This level of  innovation from a sister’s love and devotion is a rare but amazing thing!



Paul St Laurent
June 30, 2013 at 11:26 am

This is great use of mobile technology.  Great story!

Look forward to seeing Magnusmode uploaded to the various app stores :)  

Mark Burdon
July 1, 2013 at 8:55 pm

Thanks for the feedback Paul! Nadia is someone that I met at the Ontario Centres of Excellence conference and I knew I had to make sure her story was told. Nadia said she's working with the Toronto Police to incorporate content for Safety into the app and the testing is ongoing. Not sure of the timeline for the general release but I hope Mangnusmode is a big success!