Passion doesn't Pay

Passion doesn't Pay

Community User Blog | Posted by Karyn Klaire Koski - April 25, 2014 at 6:20 pm

I've known broken.  

I have sat hand in hand with childhood sexual abuse survivors, seething - tree hugging preservationists and written and researched scores of mind body soul fodder for international television. I have pulled myself up from the backside of recovery, experienced ill health, acute emotional traumas and have had brain stem surgery. I now value life. 

I write.  I gift my researching abilities to envirnomental groups, advocacy organizations and non profit organizations.  I have achieved compassion for mankind - but let's face it... it doesn't pay my mortgage... um mortgages.

As a television producer wanting to re purpose broadcast footage, I have tried the route of the magazine app industry.  Our iPad exclusive, iTunes interactive magazine app lasted a year. Our developer suffered a stroke at 34.  He lost feeling in his left side and the memory and ability to access our magazine account.  Presently he awaits thyroid surgury. Cancer, I think. 

So the mag app became a Ezine and I put it online.  It's free to access.  I don't get paid. 

Somewhere in the midst of my acclaimades (WWF Canada has recognized me as an Earth Hour Captain & I have been awarded by my local MPP), I have lost the ability to "earn a couple of dirty ol dollars"!   

How does one profit from experience?  Networking? Online forum/sites such as you inc provide helpful insights.  There are different kinds of people.  Those that have a knack for fianances, those with entrepreneural savy and those that ooze with creativity.  Combined - the various traits can make one heck of a business person!  

I enjoy reading thru the many posts, questions and stories.  I'd like to network further. I welcome any advise on how to take my passion (energy philosophy) and make a career out of it (and not a hobby)

See what I do: 


Camille Boivin
May 7, 2014 at 11:11 am
It's a great question - how can we translate passion into that financial success? I'm learning this myself, and thinking strategy goes beyond just diving into the fun part - we need to know what value it brings to others, and what we can do with that value in terms of sustaining (and growing) the project. Learning experiences all around!