So, what do you do?

So, what do you do?

Community User Blog | Posted by Miranda Caterer - March 11, 2014 at 6:43 pm

For months I’ve paused, almost as if caught off guard by this party-favourite conversation starter; it’s harmless enough at four words, but can leave even the most well-versed, eloquent person seemingly unprepared, stuttering as they try to grasp for an answer.

Or at least that’s been my response as I’ve transitioned full time into… well, into doing everything. Depending on the day, I put on a different pair of metaphorical pants (and physical ones, of course – but that’s in the morning, before I start my day). It’s thrilling, nerve wracking, a constant learning curve; but most of all it’s what can be summed up in one word I’ve strived to be worthy of: being anentrepreneur.

Why would I shy away from embracing this “title” when people asked me; sometimes interested, sometimes just politely, what I “do”? Well, I’ve chalked it up to a few reasons; having trouble defining what I do, feeling worthy of what I do, and allowing myself pride in what I do.

The first issue was obvious enough, I had trouble defining what I did in one word because I do a lot of random, albeit important things. I was trying to find my footing within three separate, but connected entities (EmBee CreativesNude VoiceTwo Entrepreneurs) all of which I have different responsibilities in. It just took time, and being patient isn’t something I’m known to be the best at. Well, really anything time related I am known to notoriously be bad at… I’m working on it.

The second issue was a huge mistake. Huuuuuuge. I’m embarrassed to admit that I was guilty as charged of putting “entrepreneur” up on it’s high and mighty pedestal hoping that one day I’ll have worked enough, gave up enough and accomplished enough to be “worthy” of this title. I’ll be the first to confess, that way of thinking was complete and utter nonsense.

Let’s talk about being worthy for a quick sec. One of my favourite companies to watch is So Worth Loving, with their body-positive, inspiring, inclusive message that recognizes and celebrates that we all struggle with feeling worthy in different aspects of our lives and can all use a daily reminder that we are, in fact, worthy. We are worthy of love, we are worthy of happiness, we are worthy of having our opinions heard, we are worthy of whatever title we feel is worthy enough of us. How empowering is it to think of it that way? Again: we are worthy of any title we feel is worthy enough of us. I’m not encouraging you to call yourself a Doctor if you aren’t one… please don’t do that, silly. However, I am telling you that you get to decide what title does, and sometimes more importantly, what titledoes not define you.

And lastly, good ‘ole pride. I’ve learned that pride is something you are allowed to have. In yourself, in what you do. Saying that I’m an entrepreneur, to me, is pretty freakin’ cool. Just like someone else might think saying they are an engineer is cool. Or a water treatment specialist. Whatever floats your boat. Especially for all those humble people out there like myself who have difficulty talking about themselves; let go of the notion that talking about yourself in a positive way is bragging and replace it with talking about yourself is simply allowing yourself to be proud.

Own what you do. Be happy with your present; whether it be the incredible adventure of soul-searching, spending invaluable time in retail or customer service, or struggling to start your own business. Define it however you wish and own that title knowing you are worthy of it in every way. Allow yourself a little pride every now and then as you live your life for you.

Now? I’ve stopped hesitating when people ask me what I do. I’ve started beaming with pride, excitedly telling them I’m an entrepreneur. They see my passion, and regardless if they asked me out of interest, or out of politeness, genuinely become interested and a pretty neat conversation usually ensues. All because I’m owning entrepreneur, not letting entrepreneur own me, it has helped me build my network and become more invested in what I do. So, what do I do? I’m an entrepreneur.

What do you do?