the business of changing education

the business of changing education

Community User Blog | Posted by Nicky Middleton - March 14, 2014 at 6:23 pm

In publishing Brainspace - the intent was to give kids a different, engaging platform to learn with. Augmented Reality. It was a fairly simple idea with potential. Accidentally, I became part of the edtech world. And this past year, keeping my focus on the original intent has been tested.

Much like education itself, the world of "edtech" is in flux. Companies are laying claim to expertise in developing education options for kids. Many of them with doctorate degrees and experience in fields of math and science - but companies nonetheless. Talks of personalizing education to each child based on data that is collected from games and/or sites that are child-focused, are all the rage. Teachers fear becoming no more that administrators and parents are mostly oblivious due to a lack of information on technologies that may change education as we know it.

Two things remain constant through time. Kids want to learn. Our future relies on their ability to do more than cope. They need to be prepared, equipped, educated to thrive and succeed.

So while businesses, educators and the like buzz about edtech, innovation, data and techniques -  let's remember the big picture. Step back and watch our kids at play, at work, at home - without judgment of ability. Bake a cake to learn fractions. Look at trees to discuss Fibonacci. Check a snowflake to find that nature gives hexagons. Do leverage with purposeful computer time with great learning apps. Balance. Though education is changing (rightly so), the natural world hasn't.