Trust Yourself to Take a Risk!

Trust Yourself to Take a Risk!

Community User Blog | Posted by Wendy McClelland - February 24, 2014 at 11:06 pm

I strongly believe that the very best way to be successful is to do what other successful people have done. Find people who have done the things you want to do – whether it’s writing a great blog post every week or building a huge fan base on Facebook, or building a thriving six figure company. Then model your behavior after theirs. Study them – read books about them – follow them on social media – learn everything you can about how they achieved the success they have.

The key is NOT to copy them, but copy what they DO and make it your own. It’s about building your own personality online.

As you study these people ask yourself – do all the things they do online reflect the SAME person? This consistency offers us a picture of a person who is authentic and real. Being transparent online allows people to get to know the REAL you! Today people want to do business with a person – NOT a brand. But – you ARE your brand. So…share who you are by:

- Having your photo on your website/Facebook profile/etc

- Giving people a little inside glimpse into your real life (do you ever notice some of the most popular people online are those who DO post photos/stories OCCASIONALLY about their family/pets/food?)

NOTE: The majority of your posts should be about what your audience is interested in

- Let people know the real you – don’t try to copy someone else – be yourself!

The other thing that I see successful people doing is – as Nike says they “just do it!” They take risks by posting a controversial blog post, they send out a newsletter that may get some unsubscribes. Why?

Successful people will ‘step out’ and ‘be brave’ for a variety of reasons:

- Because they believe in themselves and their message

- They DON’T need approval from others to feel they are going on the right path

- They clearly know the direction they’re going and won’t let anyone get in their way

All the above add up to ONE thing about successful people – they TRUST themselves! They will step out in fear even when the outcome is unknown. But, win or lose they know that they took the risk and the payoff can be great.

How can you learn to trust yourself?

- Start to take risks! When those tapes in your head say “what if people don’t like it?” “what if there’s a spelling mistake or I give the wrong link in my newsletter?” TURN them OFF and tell yourself “I’m good enough – and if I make a mistake I can fix it“.

- KNOW that EVERY single person who has been successful at anything has made mistakes! No Olympic athlete or great leader has always been great – they have tried and failed and failed and failed! If every athlete or influential person gave up after the first failure we’d still be living in caves!

So..the lesson is – GO FOR IT! Mistakes will happen but YOU can recover. TRUST yourself!

If you are still struggling with the fear of taking action you need to take some more steps to overcome it. I suggest you STOP listening to people who don’t support what you’re doing. Start filling your mind with positive influences – upbeat music, uplifting reading and beautiful places (get outside for some fresh air every day).

The only person that can make you successful is YOU! You have to DECIDE you will be successful.

So the next time the voice of doubt creeps in kick it out the door and do what you’re afraid of.

You’ll surprise yourself and give yourself courage for the next new thing you want to do.