What Movies Motivate Women on Business? These Girl Power Themed Movies Help

What Movies Motivate Women on Business? These Girl Power Themed Movies Help

Community User Blog | Posted by Margaux Soriano-Dela Cruz - June 26, 2014 at 7:22 am

68%! That’s how much the increase in the number of women-owned US businesses from 1997 - 2014 according to Census Bureau. Women entrepreneurs are making a wave, paving the way  to delete the age-old notion that women should just stay at home and never participate in the business world. According to the statistics, women are starting businesses twice as fast as men having established roughly 1,288 companies a day.


As we salute the women in this breakthrough, we also understand the challenges that they face in leading their companies. Sadly, some women leaders are wrapped in emotional bubble that leads them demotivated, maybe even unfocused. Last weekend, I chanced upon reviewing 5 all-time favorite movies and I realized that these movies can actually be sources of motivation for business leaders especially for women on business.

Here are some girl power movie themes to inspire and motivate:

Charlie’s Angels

Growing up, watching Charlie’s Angels in boob tube is one thing that I remember being excited about. With my 2 older sisters, we always  play like we are the “angels” having these imaginary scenarios where we beat the bad guys (and we always win, of course!). So you can just imagine my excitement when I learned that years after, in year 2000 my favorite girl power TV show was shown as a full featured movie! And not only that, the movie was starred by 2 of my favorite actresses - Drew Barrymore (who happens to be one of the producers of the film) and Cameron Diaz. In between the happenings and what-have-you’s in the angels’ lives, I didn’t get bored with all the actions. No wonder after 3 years, a sequel of the movie was released, this time, better and more action-packed (and star-studded too).

Motivation points of this movie:

In life, the battles hardest to fight are always the ones that win the wars. Amazingly, they also turn out to be the worthiest fight. The movie’s action scenes can be likened to running a business. They taught us essential points in running a business:


  1. The “angels” study their opponents first. What happens when they follow their heart and not their mind? Disaster! In business, planning is an intricate yet very vital step. By planning ahead, they can strategize well.

  2. Try out new things. There is always new opportunities to discover.  

  3. Friends can be relied to. Reach out to business partners. Communicate to clients. Work well with your staff. When you surround yourself with reliable people, your creative juices will spill out to no end.

  4. Always be prepared. Don’t be caught off-guard.

  5. Always have a wiggle room to enjoy the fruits of your labor. You worked hard the entire day. It’s time to take a much deserved break - a relaxing shower, a me-date with your favorite drink and book, or a catch-up weekend conversation with your friends. Whatever it is, you deserve it!


The Blind Side

There are a lot of new things that I saw in this movie that sparked my interest. 1st, the blonde Sandra Bullock; 2nd, her unusual accent; and 3rd, the story line. The movie is based on true story of Leigh Anne Tuohy and Michael Oher. Leigh Anne found her inflection point the moment she set her eyes in helping Michael in his life’s journey to success. The context of togetherness and solidarity as a family brought fulfillment and happiness in their lives. They focus on Michael’s talent and not on his misgivings. The family was able to celebrate the beauty of life all because of the pure spirit of Leigh Anne.

Motivation points of this movie:

The movie motivates women on business to lead their companies with the right perspective:


  1. Leading means tapping the talent of an individual. Take time to really get to know them well.

  2. Leading means getting to know your team - their individual goals, their work attitude, and others.

  3. Leading means addressing the weakness. It makes more sense than starting the blaming game.

  4. Leading means admitting mistakes. If your team sees you as a leader who says sorry, they will be more than willing to respect you for your humility.

  5. Leading means influencing your team to do better.


Legally Blonde

Beauty and brains do mix very well. This 2001 movie of Reese Witherspoon is one of the proof. She played the character of Elle Woods, a fashionable sorority girl who made her way (and graduated) in Harvard Law School with flying colors. What made her distinct from others? It’s her “coup de grâce.” In ways more than one, she came out, came up and came through.

Motivation points of this movie:

Watching this movie empowers me in so many ways. We learned that:


  1. Decisions are critical. As a woman leading in business, you need to assess your assets, talents and everything that you want to share with the world. And then decide on what you are worth investing in.

  2. Believe in the people around you. Who would have thought that a Law student and a beautician would end up being the best of friends? And your ex’s current girl friend isn’t that bad at all? In business, there may be people with whom you may initially think would bring little or no impact to your company or achieving your goals. But there might be reasons why you are making business with them in the first place. Help them grow and eventually even without you knowing it, they will make a way to help your company grow also.

  3. Be determined. You may need to take a leap of faith every so often but your determination will make every leap worth it.

  4. Believe in yourself. It’s a cliche I know but there is no simpler way to rephrase it.

Whip it!

You can’t go wrong with the movie “Whip It!” starring Ellen Page.  Like the character of Bliss, we know a girl or two who have been “pushed” by their parents to do something that they have little or no interest into pursuing. Beauty pageant is a no-no for her and instead pursued a career in roller derby. Eventually she became successful in her chosen field. The important thing is that she kept on going on what she truly believes and she was not afraid to take a few hits.

Motivation points of this movie:

  1. Never compromise yourself. You are the captain who controls the steering wheel of your business’ ship.

  2. You have to make a contact. Sure, you have the talent, the finance and the location for your business. But unless you have a contact, your business will not bring you elsewhere. Be engaged.

  3. Plan a strategy. Have the discipline to work out a plan and stick to it. There are tools that can be used to help you strategize. Utilize them to your advantage. Work your marketing strategy using mapping applications to identify what your target market is.


Erin Brockovich

This may be my nth time watching “Erin Brockovich” and everytime I watch it, I feel empowered. From an unemployed single mother to a legal clerk and environmentalist, (oh and may I remind you - it’s based on true story), her story is really an inspiration. In business, we might come across losing streak, or maybe no one takes us seriously. But there comes a time that if you intently look at things in a different way, find yourself absorbed into helping others, a better life always comes along. Her investigation and discovery in a case involving the Pacific Gas & Electric Company led her to be an instrument to help the victims in the most effective way.  Erin is a mixture of many different personalities. She has the audacity yet she also shows prudence.

Motivation points of this movie:

  1. Have a great tenacity of purpose. Like Erin, identify the goals that you want for your business. Pursue them with determination.

  2. Have a clear vision on what you try to accomplish. Develop a plan and the right strategies. Implement them accordingly.

  3. Adhere to deep personal values. Be of help to others. Be directed with your own beliefs and stay away from being overly influenced by the social norms.

How about you? Feel free to give your top choices on girl power-themed movies and what motivations have they taught you.