What's your smartie?

What's your smartie?

Community User Blog | Posted by Mark Cowcill - December 12, 2013 at 1:24 pm


A father and 5 year old son go to the beach every saturday afternoon for an ice cream cone, the boy insisted on getting his ice cream cone from the same vendor despite the various options of 30 other ice cream vendors.  One Saturday after another unsuccessful attempt to have the boy try an ice cream cone from a different vendor, the father asked "why must you always have your ice cream cone from this shop"?  The little boy smiled and said "I'll show you dad", he ate his ice cream cone and at the very bottom of the cone was a single red smartie. The boy said he always gets that little smartie in his cone, a little extra, the small reward. 

The smartie is not elaborate, expensive but the impact was gaining a loyal client.  What is your "smartie"?