Your Business Is Only As Healthy As You

Your Business Is Only As Healthy As You

Community User Blog | Posted by Brody Hatch - November 22, 2013 at 10:10 pm


It is only human to sometimes feel a little under the weather, sluggish, exhausted, or ill. As a business owner it is incredibly vital to keep physically and emotionally healthy for not just ourselves but for the sake of our business and the people aiding us in making it happen. 

When we strip down to the bare minimum, we as business owners are ultimately our biggest asset - even more so as the company is trekking through the start up stages. We need to be leaders for our teams/colleagues and offer them our utmost attention. They deserve it. If we are bringing into the work space a vibe of negativity, or an ora around us that signals lack of enthusiasm or exhaustion, it can effect business efficiencies. This is why it is so important to keep an eye on our health and ensure we are making smart decisions in how we are maintaining our personal and business lives in order to find that healthy balance. After all entrepreneurship is a lifestyle choice and keeping person and business life separate, in my opinion, can be borderline impossible.

As an entrepreneur going through the start up stages myself i've already witnessed first hand what the consequences are to my company's productivity when I personally am not in a healthy state - both mentally and physically. Whether it be being sick or just to exhausted to bring my enthusiasm to the desk, there are consequences that can send projected deadlines back by days, weeks, and sometimes months.

With this all being said,  we also need to consider how are work habits could be a catalyst to our decline of health as well. When I finished my last semester in April 2013 I was extremely excited to get into the new office and just get down to work. So much so that I was 'over-doing it'. Day after day I was putting 14 - 15 hour days at the computer, in the shop, and  in meetings to push Nude Voice to the next level where I thought it needed to be. My timelines were impractical and I wasn't giving myself the time to unwind, rethink, and reflect. This in and of itself can be destructive. After two months of doing these long haul days it began to take a toll on my physical health as well as how I came into the office mentally. My enthusiasm was diminishing day by day, which is an entrepreneur's worst nightmare considering that I started this company because I was so incredibly passionate for it. The last thing I wanted to feel was that my company was just an exhausting routine.

For those entrepreneurs with employees or interns, such as myself, you can understand the heightened importance of being tentative with not only the daily tasks for yourself but with the tasks and projects set out for them as well. Your team needs to be inspired and energize as well and it's up to management to infuse this in the daily office culture. In the end it should be the goal of all entrepreneurs to ensure their team grows stronger and more adverse than the first day they stepped into the office. If they're not learning and contributing, it's because their not inspired or motivated.

Personally I realized that I needed to change the way I had organized my work and personal life balance. I started exercising again in the morning before work, whereas before I felt that if I skipped my workouts I could accomplish more with an even earlier start to the morning. I began coming into work feeling rejuvenated and more excited to get things done. I also set timelines that were both realistic for the company and for myself.  I had what I needed to do day by day written down and I ensured I completed them each day for the rest of the week, as oppose to jotting everything that needed to be done that week and trying to hammer away all the tasks at once. I was rushing and in turn was not setting myself up for success. To better improve and to keep a more healthier mental state I would take days to work out of the office and in a coffee shop - for me a coffee shop is and always has been my go to place for relaxation and mindful thinking. Sitting down with a friend to catch up on more personal things for an hour a few times a week would let my mind stray away from the business long enough to re-energize my ambition.


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Camille Boivin
December 12, 2013 at 5:00 am
Your headline says it all so perfectly - but I also like your example of not skipping the essentials (thinking it earns us more time). I've been implementing these types of changes into my work/life mixture as well.
Brody Hatch
December 13, 2013 at 4:48 am
Thanks for the kind words Camille! Glad to hear you are working on some of the fundamentals of keeping a healthy work ethic! Work smart, not hard.

Thanks again!
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