Does Your Engagement Suck?

Does Your Engagement Suck?

Leadership | Posted by Sherri-Lee Woycik - May 14, 2016 at 11:08 am

I know how you feel… I’ve been there. It used to be just like that on my Facebook page too and I always thought, what was wrong with my content that I couldn’t get any activity on it? We all know that engagement and reach are really important pieces to having success on Facebook, because let’s face it, we all want to sell our products and services to other people and the only way to sell to these people is for them to see our posts on our page and if they aren’t seeing our posts then they can’t like and comment and most importantly BUY from us! So what are we supposed to do?

Well, a few years ago, I started to look at this like a puzzle… what did I need to know and how could I apply it… what was working for others and what did I need to stop doing?

From that position, I discovered 5 really easy, yet super important steps that you need to do to increase your reach and engagement.

From when you to post, how you post and how to use ads efficiently without breaking the bank, these steps will help you use Facebook far more efficiently and get more people seeing your posts which means more people liking, commenting and sharing!

After I discovered these steps I started using them myself over and over and quickly saw that I could get my post engagement up real fast. Then I started teaching this to others and it worked for them too! I was on to something and super excited, as well.

So last year I create The Facebook Engagement Challenge and over the course of the year I held this one-week event 5 times. It was heaps of fun, we had over 500 entrepreneurs take part and some even achieved an increase in their engagement by over 500%!!! That blew my socks off.

And then the unexpected happen… Facebook made some changes! GASP! Can you believe it? OK I’m joking, we all know Facebook makes changes pretty regularly, so not all the things I taught last year work as well and now some different things work better, so I decided to revamp the challenge and present it again and that’s what I’m doing.

So you are invited to join me in the NEW Facebook Engagement Challenge, it starts on May 16 and it’s one week of great content to help you increase your reach and engagement. When you sign up, you get invited into my super fun Badass Facebook Marketing Club group on Facebook, you’ll get an email each day from me with a specific step you need to do on your page AND I’ll be streaming live into the group each day to review the task and answer any questions you might have. And this is all free. So I invite you to visit this page: and join us for this fun event!