Mid Life....success

Mid Life....success

Leadership | Posted by Jane Rusin - March 11, 2015 at 10:52 pm


My interest for design and creative endeavours, mostly clothing and visual arts, developed from a very practical need.

Aside from having some artistic DNA inherited from my talented father, I started developing skills in fashion design, hand knitting and sewing at an early age, when the communist driven society of "controlled everything", including what was available in stores, made me look for alternate avenues for dressing myself in a way that will make me stand out rather than blend in in the mass of teenagers dressed almost the same.

So I had to learn how to make the clothes I wanted. 25 years later I was rewarded by a former HS colleague who, at a reunion, remembered me as being the one with the nicest and most original clothe. I didn't know at that time, but it actually worked, they noticed me and I stood out.

Mission accomplished!


Years have passed, knitting techniques evolved, family grew, and socio-economic conditions worsened in a communist Romania, an entire society were about to blow up....

And in 1989 it actually did, allowing us to take a big step, the two kids and 3 suitcases and immigrate to Canada.

Well, it's a good thing that we came here, it's cold and more people appreciate warm clothing, especially knitwear Description: https://youinc.com/assets/js/tinymce/plugins/emoticons/img/smiley-wink.gif

I continued to knit but I also had to earn a steady income, so I took advantage of the recovering economy of the mid 90's and the booming IT industry and started working as a technical analyst in the financial industry.

My professional skills went up, my income went up and so my desire to build my knitwear business kept growing until I actually did something about it.


The first phase was a bit shaky, with participation at expensive trade shows, orders for which I had to fight to get paid by some boutique owners or for which I was never paid due to store closures after 9/11, reaching a certain level of success with trade style magazines featuring my designs but not really materialized in the bank account.

I took a break from knitting, I channelled my creative juices towards painting for a while, then went back to knitting and fashion design.

Because of the past bad experiences with retailers, I decided not to pursue the retailer business model anymore, but sell directly thorough my on-line boutique.

With that decision a new set of needs developed: find European yarn wholesalers, secure models and have photo shoots, develop the e-commerce site, design labels, packaging, marketing materials, etc....lots of things to do but so exciting!



I launched my first F/W collection in 2013. The web site looked great, the model, Grace G., was perfect and brought the best out the clothes, the colors and the yarns were outstanding, and the prices were accordingly high....hence lots of praise and no sales.

I took a step back from my own web site and joined a fashion crowd funding platform, Runway Crush, where I had some success, I sold ONE piece! One is better than 0, so I evolved.


Right now I am developing the F/W 2015-2016 collection which I plan on photo shooting sometime in the summer then prioritize the most effective marketing options and make it work. It's about time!